TAG Optics Driving Kit 2.1

The DrvKit 2.1 was specifically designed to control the TAG Lens. It is a wall-powered usb controlled signal generator that can produce sine waves with amplitudes ranging from 0V to 55V pk-pk in the 30-550 KHz regime. The amplitude resolution is 1mV while the frequency resolution is 1 Hz. It also has a built-in TTL synchronized to the TAG Lens’ driving signal with variable phase delay and width enables direct synchronization of the TAG Lens with the light source and alleviates the needs for an external pulse/delay generator.

Another noteworthy feature of the DrvKit 2.0 is its electronic feedback: unlike other adaptive optics lenses, the TAG Lens 2.0 can be stabilized during operation using an electronic signal which the DrvKit 2.0 can continuously monitors and can automatically adjust the driving parameters to account for environmental changes.

For example, with the DrvKit 2.1, if one wishes to image a particular focal plane in a microscope setting all that is need is to install the TAG Lens in the infinity corrected space of the microscope, affixed a modulable light (i.e. laser diode or LED directly connected to the output of our DrvKit, or any pulsed light source with an external trigger) and use the DrvKit 2.1's software to control the TAG Lens, the phase delay between the driving signal and the TTL, and the width of the TTL - effectively controlling the depth of field of the image and its focal position.

Driving Kit 2.1 Software Updates

TAG Lens Driving Kit 2.1 Software Compiled Version 1.0.9 (2013-05-30):
DrvKit2.1-1.0.9 (25 mb)

TAG Lens Driving Kit 2.1 Driver:
Driver Installer (7 mb)

TAG Lens Driving Kit 2.1 Software Source Code:
DrvKit2.1-1.0.5 Source (150 Kb)

List of Commands for DrvKit2.1:
Source Commands (140 Kb)